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Stewardship: the cornerstone of a healthy planet


Services Offered Include:


  • Designing and implementing a full service obsolete recovery programme for any georgraphical entity. It is important that every region of the world prevents the buildup of unwanted, unusable, & illegal pesticides. Robert Denny has successfully built a number of these efforts from the ground up and left a sustainable legacy for others to follow.
  • Assessment of contaminated sites is an area of expertise. Robert Denny has experience in both initial assessment of chemically laden sites including defining the scope of the damage and likely best remediation methodology. He can also provide longer term project management. Emphasis is always on the most cost effective, environmentally supportive technology that leaves a local government with the maximum tools for future self-sufficiency.

 /></p> <p style=Weighing small quantities of obsolete pesticides.
NYS, RL Denny

Design & Implement


 /></p> <p style=Decades of pesticide contamination inhibits growth.
Muziva, MZ RL Denny


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