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Stewardship: the cornerstone of a healthy planet


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“I would have to say Rob’s intellect, experience, drive, energy, and enthusiasm are second to none.”
            Professor Carol Ramsay, University of Washington, USA

“In addition to his vast experience and wide base of personal contacts, Rob is very professional, possesses exceptional organizational and communications skills, and has a great deal of experience working with scientific issues and regulations.    …..always exhibits a strong desire and dedication to do “the right thing’ environmentally, and his passion passes through to the people he works with “to get the job done.”
            William Wehrle, BASF Corporation

“Rob Denny has an absolute gift for distilling the complicated and making it perfectly clear; for the scientist, the institutional management, the politician, for the general public”
            Viktorija KarlienÄ—,   Senior Scientist, Toxicologist, SEHC Lithuania

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