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Stewardship: the cornerstone of a healthy planet


Greed, desperation, neglect destroy our environment. Thoughtful dedicated people can save it. Our numbers need not be large if our will and message are convincing. Join me in exploring the stewardship needs of our world and the avenues where each of us can make a difference. If something I write rings true, tell me about it. If an effort or observation I pose needs improvement, I want to know that too.

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Stewardship is more than a word; it is more than a field of study or activity.  This simple word describes a beginning pathway to sustainable living...


Training & Education

One of the immediate goals of this website is to provide resources to educators.  These tools may assist in developing non-commercial training programs...



"If you don't like this, what we see here all around us, then YOU do something about it. You can, you know?"

We are but tenants of the land ...

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